Performance Reviews: navigating the awkward waters

Performance Reviews As anyone who works in a small, tight-knit office can tell you, employee performance reviews can be awkward. In fact, it can be so awkward, that managers of companies that have ten or less employees may consider them "not necessary" or something that can be done somewhere down the line. However, having performance [...]

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Duty of Care: Directors and Officers

Duty of Care: Directors and Officers If you are a director or officer, you need to be aware that all directors and officers of a corporation owe a duty to the corporation to exercise reasonable care in connection with managing the business. This duty is called the duty of care. Some states have statutes that govern [...]

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The Affordable Care Act and your business

The Affordable Care Act and Your Business Many small businesses have a limited budget and as much as in the ideal world would like to give their employees health insurance, cannot afford to. However, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandates that some employers give their employees health insurance and, due to the steep penalties, if [...]

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Starting Small

Starting Small The best small companies, an article I read today on Forbes reminds us that sometimes small is better. Smaller companies can be more agile and better able to adapt at change than bigger ones, which may be clouded by bureaucracy, long chains of command, and too many rules to count. When entrepreneurs first start [...]

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