Non-Compete Agreements: protect yourself from ex-employees

Non-Compete Agreements While you may have great relationships with your employees now, what is to prevent them from taking your business idea and running with it once they are no longer employed by you? If good will is your only answer, you should consider a non-compete agreement. A non-compete agreement is typically an agreement between [...]

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Corporate minutes: what are they and why you need them

Corporate Minutes If you are a small corporation or even a corporation owned by one person, you may think to yourself, "I remember hearing about corporate minutes, but I am such a small shop that I don't really need them." And you are wrong. You need corporate minutes. But first, what are corporate minutes? When [...]

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What are buy-sell agreements?

What Are Buy-Sell Agreements? Buy-sell agreements define what happens upon a triggering event, such as death of a shareholder. Are you a shareholder of a closely held corporation? What happens to your shares if you retire, get divorced, or die? What if these happen to another shareholder and their shares pass on to their son [...]

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