Essential Insurance Coverage for Technology Businesses – by Jonathan Mayotte

Essential Insurance Coverage Most people look at insurance as a pain, sort of like paying the utility bills. However, it would be pretty difficult to operate a business, let alone a technology based business, without a functional phone, internet, or electricity. Now try operating your business after you have been sued and the defense costs [...]

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Venture Capital Agreement Considerations

Venture Capital Agreement Considerations A Venture Capital Agreement is a contract between you and your investors. It is an exciting time; there are few things that are more rewarding than knowing that you have built something that others are interested in so much that they are willing to give their money so that you can [...]

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Why Software Development Contract Templates Are Bad

Since so many people were interested in the explanation as to why template website Terms and Conditions are bad (you can check out the post here), I decided to do a case study into why software development contract templates are bad. In a small business or a startup, it is always tempting or sometimes even necessary to [...]

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Debunking 5 common business law myths

Debunking 5 Common Business Law Myths Unfortunately, there are as many common business law myths as there are businesses. There are so many websites claiming to give legal advice or tips that are just wrong and many more forums where lay persons answer legal questions in a way that just makes us cringe. You don't [...]

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