The Critical Parts of an Employment Contract

The Critical Parts of an Employment Contract Hiring employees is a very exciting time; your business is growing and you are creating jobs. So go ahead, pat yourself on the back! But not too much, because you are now, through hiring employees, opening up yourself and your business to a lot of liability. Employees make [...]

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When a Startup is not a Limited Liability Company

When a Startup is not a Limited Liability Company It is often the case that many new companies without the use of an attorney to properly guide them in the right direction will file as a limited liability company by default. After all, such a structure has many benefits that may be researched independently. However, [...]

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Presentation Recap: software development contracts at Blue1647

Earlier this year, I decided to share my knowledge with others and do a presentation on software development contracts. The mission of the presentation was to demystify contracts, familiarize the attendees with legal terms and teach them what should be included in s a software development contract and why. I have been to Blue1647, [...]

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8 Tools to Start your Freelance Business by Shaylee Smith

8 Tools to Start Your Freelance Business Whether you’re thinking about starting your own business or have just jumped into the freelance life, it can be hard to figure it all out. Knowing which tools you’ll need or how to run your business can be overwhelming. There are tons of great apps and websites out [...]

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