Earlier this year, I decided to share my knowledge with others and do a presentation on software development contracts.

The mission of the presentation was to demystify contracts, familiarize the attendees with legal terms and teach them what should be included in s a software development contract and why.

I have been to Blue1647, a tech and startup space a few times, the venue is only three blocks away from where I live, provides amazing resources to anyone who wants to better their skills or start a business and is a pillar of the Pilsen community. Thus, Blue1647 was a natural fit for the venue of my presentation. When I received an email from them saying that they are interested in me presenting there, I was head over heels happy. I would like to thank them for all of their help and for being so kind.

During the presentation, I explained why contracts are even needed and how just one bad client will make you wish you had one. Then, I went over the most important sections of a software development contract and exactly why those sections were so important. I explained all of the legal terms associated with the sections so that attendees became more comfortable with legal concepts and jargon. Finally, we discussed where to get software development contracts and if it is prudent to just pull a template from google. We concluded that templates from the internet are just like building a website on wix.com – they are insufficient and you can get a much better job done by a professional.

I absolutely enjoyed doing this workshop and have received some great feedback on how helpful and informative it was. Thank you again Blue1647! If you would like to see how much fun we had, check out this video of the event: