Top 4 Reasons for a Website Maintenance Contract

After the development of a website is complete, many developers choose to offer a monthly maintenance plan to their clients. This monthly maintenance can cover anything from hosting to domain renewals to plugin updates. Maintenance is an excellent way to keep a website that you have developed safe and running and also generate recurring revenue. However, many developers do not have maintenance contracts. Here are our top four reasons as to why you need contracts for your maintenance clients:

  1. Do you remember what you had for lunch two weeks ago? Probably not. Most people tend to forget things over time. This is also true for promises made, especially if you have a lot of maintenance clients as this type of arrangement usually lasts more than a few months and can even span into years. Did you promise this client domain renewal? You may say no but your client may say that you did. The best way to ensure that everyone remembers their promises correctly is to put them in writing in a contract. This way, everyone is clear on what you are supposed to perform and how much the client must pay for your services.
  2. A maintenance contract will help you establish boundaries with your clients. The contract will spell out when the client may call you with emergency requests and how long it will take you to respond. This way, you do not disappoint your client if you do not respond just that minute and can avoid liability as well.
  3. A maintenance contract will help you protect yourself and limit your liability. For example, you can state what warranties you provide on the maintenance services and exactly what you do not promise or will not do. For example, if you are not the one hosting the website, you can disclaim all liability and risks that come with hosting in particular. Furthermore, this will not only help you avoid legal fees but will also help you establish client expectations.
  4. The contract will allow you to decide how you want to resolve disputes, thereby leading to savings in both money and time and will also allow you to pick where you will solve disputes.

As you can see from the above, a maintenance contract is important for every development shop.


Donata Kalnenaite, Esq.

Agency Attorneys