8 Tools to Start your Freelance Business by Shaylee Smith

8 Tools to Start Your Freelance Business Whether you’re thinking about starting your own business or have just jumped into the freelance life, it can be hard to figure it all out. Knowing which tools you’ll need or how to run your business can be overwhelming. There are tons of great apps and websites out [...]

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Following up on your referrals

If you are anything like me, your business is a conglomeration of partners, friends, and colleagues, instead of a lone wolf situation. Establishing partnerships that have reciprocating referral channels is an amazing way to grow your business and get more customers. Referrals also ensure that you are more connected to your community and show your client [...]

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Essential Insurance Coverage for Technology Businesses – by Jonathan Mayotte

Essential Insurance Coverage Most people look at insurance as a pain, sort of like paying the utility bills. However, it would be pretty difficult to operate a business, let alone a technology based business, without a functional phone, internet, or electricity. Now try operating your business after you have been sued and the defense costs [...]

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Debunking 5 common business law myths

Debunking 5 Common Business Law Myths Unfortunately, there are as many common business law myths as there are businesses. There are so many websites claiming to give legal advice or tips that are just wrong and many more forums where lay persons answer legal questions in a way that just makes us cringe. You don't [...]

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Corporate minutes: what are they and why you need them

Corporate Minutes If you are a small corporation or even a corporation owned by one person, you may think to yourself, "I remember hearing about corporate minutes, but I am such a small shop that I don't really need them." And you are wrong. You need corporate minutes. But first, what are corporate minutes? When [...]

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Duty of Care: Directors and Officers

Duty of Care: Directors and Officers If you are a director or officer, you need to be aware that all directors and officers of a corporation owe a duty to the corporation to exercise reasonable care in connection with managing the business. This duty is called the duty of care. Some states have statutes that govern [...]

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The Affordable Care Act and your business

The Affordable Care Act and Your Business Many small businesses have a limited budget and as much as in the ideal world would like to give their employees health insurance, cannot afford to. However, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandates that some employers give their employees health insurance and, due to the steep penalties, if [...]

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