Q & A on the Cook County Paid Sick Leave Ordinance

The Cook County, IL Board of Commissioners has recently passed an ordinance on paid sick leave that will affect virtually all employers in the county. As the ordinance itself can be confusing, we thought we would put together some questions and answers to help you navigate this new employment landscape and comply with the ordinance. [...]

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3 Secrets to Solving Disputes in a Partnership

3 Secrets to Solving Disputes in a Partnership If you and your partner get along well, the partnership will flourish and so will your business. However, as we are all human, sometimes partners may get into arguments and hit a brick wall. When you and your partner do not get along, the business suffers, your [...]

2017-05-05T13:58:01-06:00March 30th, 2017|

Top 4 Must Haves to Include In Your Operating Agreement

 An Operating Agreement is a document that memorializes how you and your partners will manage your LLC and provides answers to what you must do in certain situations. These situations may include selling the company, adding a new member or the bankruptcy of one of the partners. An Operating Agreement is important as it will [...]

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The 10 Questions You Must Ask Your Partner Before Starting a Business

Putting two heads together into a partnership is a great way to start a business. While your partner is focused on the operations side, you may be focused on the sales, thereby forming the complete picture of a successful company. However, even if you start your business with your best friend, partnerships can and do [...]

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Top 4 Reasons for a Website Maintenance Contract

Top 4 Reasons for a Website Maintenance Contract After the development of a website is complete, many developers choose to offer a monthly maintenance plan to their clients. This monthly maintenance can cover anything from hosting to domain renewals to plugin updates. Maintenance is an excellent way to keep a website that you have developed safe [...]

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Top 5 Things You Need To Know Before You Start Your Kickstarter Campaign

 Many startups struggle to acquire funding. With over 8 million people spending more than 1.6 billion dollars in the last 6 years, Kickstarter has become one of the most popular ways for startups to get the cash that they need to get their dreams off the ground. Unfortunately, a lot of startups do not know [...]

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Top 5 Things Your Clients Need To Know Before You Start Work

 When you work in web development, the devil is in the details. Due to inadequate explanations of the services being provided, the process and the costs involved, misunderstandings often arise. These misunderstandings can lead to unhappy clients and even costly lawsuits. Thus, we have compiled this list of the top five things your clients need to [...]

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5 Surprising Reasons Why You Need A Software Development Contract

 Software development agencies and freelancers face many unique risks: clients that have no idea how you are making the final product, constant updates on software, technology and browsers, unverified intellectual property and clients that drag their feet on your requests. I have worked as the Chief Operating Officer of a software development agency until it [...]

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