Employee Handbooks

What are employee handbooks?

A well-written employee handbook serves as a road map for your employees on how to navigate your workplace. It tells your employees what you expect from them and what they can expect from you.

Why are employee handbooks important?

First, the fact that employees know what the rules are at the very beginning help reduce the likelihood of them breaking these rules and costly disputes. The handbook sets forth the rules and procedures that apply to every employee, thereby reducing discrimination allegations. Finally, the handbook will help demonstrate your compliance with local, state and federal laws.

What are some of the protections that we include?

  1. Benefits that the employees are entitled to, if any.
  2. Hours of operation and when employees should be present for work.
  3. Procedure for sick days and vacations.
  4. An explanation of actions that will not be tolerated in the workplace (e.g. illegal drug use).
  5. Consequences for employees who do not follow the rules.

What is the price?

Our pricing is specially tailored to be affordable to small to medium-sized businesses.

If you would like us to review your existing employee handbook, our rate is $175 per hour.

If you would like us to draft an employee handbook, our rate starts at $525.

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