Employment Contracts

What are employment contracts?

Employment contracts are legally binding agreements between you and your employees that delineate what the employee will do for your company, compensation and other terms. Employment contracts ensure that every party understands the engagement at the very beginning, thus reducing the likelihood of missteps and costly disputes.

Why are employment contracts important?

Employment contracts are important because they help you mitigate the inherent risks of being an employer. They will help you if your employee does something that he or she does not have the power to do (e.g. sign contracts), disseminates your trade secrets to your competitors, tries to poach your other employees or even customers or just does a poor job at your company. The employment contract will also protect you from employees who make false claims about what you allegedly promised to them.

What are some of the protections that we include?

  1. Length of employment: can the employee be fired at any time and for no reason?
  2. Benefits that the employee is entitled to, if any.
  3. Binding the employee to the rules of your company.
  4. Non-competition clause.
  5. Non-solicitation clause.

What is the price?

Our pricing is specially tailored to be affordable to small to medium-sized businesses.

If you would like us to review your existing employment contract, our rate is $175 per hour.

If you would like us to draft the employment contract, our rate starts at $525.

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