Independent Contractor Contracts

What are independent contractor contracts?

These contracts are agreements between you and a contractor that state what work the contractor will be performing, how much you will pay them for that work and other terms.

Why are independent contractor contracts important?

These contracts are important because, if you deal with independent contractors incorrectly, the IRS may reclassify them as employees. This means that you will be required to pay employment taxes and, depending on the size of your business, provide them with benefits. Our contracts ensure that you are compliant with the IRS rules and regulations. Furthermore, our contracts will protect you from liabilities that independent contractors may cause, such as stealing your intellectual property, poaching your customers and employees and spilling your trade secrets.

What are some of the protections that we include?

  1. Clear description of what the independent contractor can do and what he or she cannot do.
  2. Compliance with IRS rules and regulations.
  3. Confidentiality provision.
  4. Non-solicitation provision.
  5. Dispute resolution.

What is the price?

Our pricing is specially tailored to be affordable to small to medium-sized businesses.

If you would like us to review your existing independent contractor contract, our rate is $175 per hour.

If you would like us to draft an independent contractor contract, our rate starts at $525.

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