Maintenance Contracts

What are maintenance contracts?

Software maintenance contracts are legally binding agreements between you and your clients. The contracts state what kind of maintenance services you will provide, your terms and how much your client will pay you. Maintenance contracts are an excellent way to protect yourself and your company from costly disputes and maintenance arrangements that go wrong.

Why are maintenance contracts important?

Maintenance services usually last a long time, anywhere from a few months to sometimes even years. Through this time, it is easy for both sides to forget what was promised, thus leading to misunderstandings and costly disputes. Furthermore, if you offer management of hosting, if the hosting provider makes a mistake or goes down you could potentially be liable for damages. A software maintenance contract allows both you and your client to be clear on what the services are, what warranties you provide, what the customer is responsible for and what the costs are, thereby leading to better relationships with your clients and a reduced likelihood of costly disputes.

What are some of the protections we include?

In order to ensure full protection of you and your business, we include the following:

  1. Relieving you of liability for any actions of third parties.
  2. Billing and payment terms to ensure that you get paid.
  3. Dispute resolution.
  4. Set response time to regular requests and emergency requests.
  5. A clear explanation of the services to be provided.

What is the price?

Our pricing is specially tailored to be affordable to small to medium-sized businesses.

If you would like us to review your existing contract, our rate is $175 per hour.

If you would like us to draft your contract, the costs start at $525.

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