Software Development Contracts

What are software development contracts?

Software development contracts are legally binding agreements between you and your clients. The contracts essentially state that you will perform X and your client will pay you. These contracts establish many protections that ensure that your company is safe throughout development and after.

Why are software development contracts important?

Without a contract in place, important details are often overlooked. The client may have confusion over what is supposed to be delivered and when, leading to misunderstandings and costly disputes with clients. Having a court decide the terms of the deal for you is very risky and can lead to high amounts of damages, thereby endangering your company and you.

As a software developer, you probably already know that so much can go wrong during a project. For example, you may build a beautiful website but it breaks upon launch. A contract will protect you in case something goes wrong.

What are some of the protections that we include?

We include the following to ensure that you are protected while you develop software:

  1. Intellectual property: code ownership and graphics provided by client;
  2. Customer responsibilities: keep the project moving by stating how long the client has to respond to your requests.
  3. Billing and payment: ensure that you are getting paid.
  4. Warranties.
  5. Dispute resolution.
  6. Limitation of liability.
  7. Early termination of the contract.

What is the price?

Our pricing is specially tailored to be affordable to small to medium-sized businesses.

If you would like us to review your existing contract, our rate is $175 per hour.

If you would like us to draft your contract, the costs start at $525.

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